Things to consider when hiring a graphic designer

Hiring a Graphic Designer

When hiring a graphic designer you want to be sure they will cope with all the challenges you give them.  Here’s a quick guide on how to best hire a graphic designer you know will help you.

What type of graphic design do you need?

There are many types of graphic design, examples including  logo design to leaflet design and business card design to website design.  Identify what type of design you need and then make sure your graphic designer is up to the task. 

Check their portfolio of work to make sure they have created a good body of work.  Make sure the design work is of a high standard.  By checking this out you will be making sure that your making a good choice when it comes to choosing a graphic designer to fulfill your graphic design needs.

I’m not sure about the process or whats needed to get my project done.

A good test of any graphic designer is how helpful they are when interacting with clients.  You can use the preliminary discussions you have with your graphic designer to decide if you can have a good working relationship with them.  After all, you may need to get further items designed as your business grows so its nice to know you can personally work well and interact with a designer. 

Your graphic designer should be able to answer any questions you may have.  Remember, its ok to not know everything about the graphic design process.  This is why your hiring a professsional.  In turn that professional should be helpful and knowlegable.  A graphic designer that can answer your questions effectively will undoubtedly be able to take your task in hand and help you.

What futher design services does the graphic designer offer?

As your business grows so too will your graphic design needs. You may be only wanting a logo designed now but in a few months you may decide you need a leaflet designed, perhaps some business cards or even a website. 

Make sure you choose a graphic designer that offers all these services.  It means working on another graphic design project in the futrure will be easier, especially if you can rely on your graphic designer to work with you as your business needs grow and develop.

Can I have a quote?

Before you consider a graphic designer always ask for a quote.  Graphic designers tend not to publish a pricelist and finding prices for graphic design work can be difficult.  Most graphic design work is client specific and so price depends upon the actual aims and needs of your individual project.  You want a unique design for your business and so in turn designers like to quote tailored, accurate pricing to individual clients. 

A graphic designer should always be able to give you a free, obligation free quote for the graphic design services you require.  Take note of how punctual the designer is in providing you with a quote.  This will give you a good indication of how organised and timely the designer will be when it comes to providing the graphic design service you need.

Is the price low or high?

Evaluate the price a graphic designer will gve you for the graphic design needed.  A price will normally indicate how experienced that particualr designer is with regard to the graphic design services they offer.  Its up to you to decide how much your willing to pay for those services. 

A number of quotes from different designers will all give you a variety of prices.  Too high will cost you but probably indicates that you would be hiring a deisgner with years of experience.  This would be reflected in the quality of work that designer will create for you.  Too low a price will suggest the designer is only starting out in their career and you may feel short changed when it comes to the design outcome produced.

Chew Design

Chew Design are a graphic design agency in Belfast Northern Ireland.  We thrive on the good relationships we have with our many clients and enjoy the interaction the many projects we work on achieves.  We are always eager to work on new projects and quote for new work.  If you need a graphic designer consider Chew Design.

Check out our Graphic Design Portfolio here.


August 20 2012 07:02 pm | Graphic Design

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