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The Twitter bird logo is one fine example of how logo design can change over time.  Sure, there’s the standard icon set available.  Download the vectors, grab the Png file and resize the image for your blog or website.  But it seems that Twitter’s faithful just aren’t content with this. Many have decided to produce Twitter icons and logos themselves.

One Logo, Many Variations
I have never seen so many different variations of one logo!  They are all different and unique to the user that created them.  Search google for a twitter bird icon for example and you are bound to come across a large number of different looking tweeting birds which are free to use anywhere you like.

It seems the general public have fallen in love with twitter and as a consequence they have a deep love for the symbol of this relatively new website.  Twitter is now well known for changing the face of social networking.  Information is more personal.  It is fast, intuitive and sometimes even silly.  Could Twitter also be responsible for a change in attitude towards logo design?

Is the attitude towards Logo Design changing?
We all know and respect the logo design formula.  You visit a well respected website which has been carefully branded to the hilt.  You accept that brand and learn pretty quickly to recognize it next time you see it.  I guess that’s why it is there in the first place.  But what happens when, next time you visit that site the branding has been changed or you decide to change it yourself?

That’s exactly what has happened over at Twitter.com.  Visit numerous blogs which conjure up Twitter updates from different people.  You will very rarely come across a similar logo or icon branding this piece of hearty news.  The rules of the Internet are being rewritten yet again and it seems that Logo design isn’t immune to such changes.

I do wonder if this craze will catch on.  Imagine people willingly redesigning such famous branded websites such as BBC News, the Guardian or even Facebook.  Would it matter?  What’s the value in having a consistent brand?  Recognition for one.  Check out these weird and wonderful  twitter Logo creations!




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+Crowdsourcing the New Logo for Tweet Photo

tweet-photo-logo.pngTweet Photo, effectively the next hottest thing since twitter has asked the masses for a new logo to promote itself with.  The company is looking for Twitter users, who will effectively become their core customers, to provide feedback and vote for their favorite design.

The closing date for graphic designers to submit their logo into the contest is April 14, 2009 at 12:03am GMT.  Many companies are now “crowdsourcing” and its proving to a be a cheap and effective way to get the best design out there.

Twitter Crowdsourcing
Twitter is no stranger to crowdsourcing.  Twitter effectively did crowdsourcing with its bird design, purchasing it for $10 to $15, an iStockphoto spokeswoman told wired.com.  According to Rodney Rumford, Co-Founder of TweetPhoto, “There’s no better way to engage your customers than to have them design and vote upon your creative needs.”

Crowdsourcing is a simple concept.  Twitter asks for a new logo and send out thousands of invitations to its users and designers.  Those people recognize the benefit of producing what will be a world famous logo and send through their best work and ideas.  The result?  A definite excellent logo one would hope!


Instant Classic?
Take twitter’s current bird logo.  Its simple and arty and the best thing about it is the fact that its fast becoming instantly recognizable on any website it is shown.  One could even go as far as to say that the Twitter logo even enhances a website, making it look more cool,  happening and with it.
I’m guessing Twitter gets a lot of responses for this logo request.  Hell, I’m even tempted to enter an idea myself.  You know what they say.  If your not in you can’t win!  Good luck to us all!

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