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London Olympics
Look at the new Olympics logo for London!  Its brash, its pink and some might say its all over the place! Most importantly though, its different and this is perhaps what counts. It has a distinct eighties electric feel to it and its definitely become controversial. When it was released many were in outcry demanding its demise but I reckon we should give this little gem time to mature and grow on us. Will we look back at this decade in years to come and point to it as a classic design? Anything is possible!



Museum of London
Patterns are eye catching and hold your attention. Expect to see more of these types of logos in the future. The Museum of London have a new logo featuring patterns overlapping and full of vivid colour. There is a seventies retro feel here and it definitely makes the viewer take notice.  This is perhaps, like the London Olympics logo a new modern design which may take a few years to be appreciated by the public.  In essence its not your typical museum type logo.  This is a strength and not a weakness.  It allows the logo and consequently the Museum of London brand to stand out from the crowd in a creative way.  It would be interesting to compare visitor figures to the logo and its introduction within the museum brand.  Perhaps there is a report on that somewhere.


Think London
A logo with a lot happening in it!  It’s a tourism logo intended to promote London on the international stage.  Johnson Banks designed it.  Heres what they have to say..” Think London’s job is to sell the city as a location to the world’s businesses. ‘Forget Paris, Berlin, Beijing, set up in London instead’ is their pitch. So how do you distill all that London has to offer into 1 symbol? Well, you don’t. You use 45. We twisted the famous skyline 180 degrees into a reflection and made a new skyline out of all the other factors that would help you choose the city.”

We have seen this idea before and many will argue its now fast becoming over used.  City skylines rearranged into a cool looking graphic so that people will notice it and say “wow”.  The concept kind of works here though.  Its in cool blue and it looks cool.  The reflection shows elements from the real London skyline, whereas the upper skyline contains the new symbols.  To the potential traveler thinking about visiting London I think it works.  Its full of fun and things to do, just like London.  Its attractive,  eye catching and real.


London Underground
A timeless symbol of quality.  Designed by Edward Johnston, in 1918, this logo needs no introduction.  It’s a roundel, usually red with the name of the appropriate station placed along the middle.  The logo design has become an international symbol for London. And one many Londoners are proud of.  It can be found in all the tube stations throughout the city and beyond.  The logo is so famous it has been used for other things as well.  There are many references in culture to the logo, including parodies of it using different station-names, particularly in London advertisements for unrelated products & services. I would guess that this logo is going to be around for a long time to come.

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