+ When Logo Design Goes Wrong


The British Government and logo design. A likely match? Possibly not and definitely not in the case of the logo redesign for the Office of Government Commerce, the OGC. When turned on its side the new logo looks a little rude. How long did it take for someone to recognize this when the logo was revealed? Five minutes! Apparently employees spotted the mistake as soon as it was revealed.

A spokesman for OGC said: “It is true that it caused a few titters among some staff when viewed on its side, but on consideration we concluded that the effect was generic to the particular combination of the letters OGC – and it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend.”

The logo, for the Office of Government Commerce, was intended to signify a bold commitment to the body’s aim of “improving value for money by driving up standards and capability in procurement”. I’m sure it does just this. It’s a simple idea- robust and official but one can’t ignore the fact that it looks like a man with an erection. I wonder why this wasn’t spotted in the design studio before the logo was passed and approved for the client.

The simple answer is we are all human and mistakes do happen. Designers are peculiar folk. We get so wrapped up in an idea and work on it for hours, days even that we sometimes miss the obvious. When designing I always try and get a second opinion. Perhaps this is a good example of why a second opinion counts for so much. I for one will be asking others to take a quick glance at projects I’m working on just to be sure!


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