Has Microsoft’s new branding gone all ‘apple’?

It’s hard not to compare Microsoft’s new logo design with apple’s. Both companies now use brands that are simplistic in style and measure but just how similar are their brands?

microsoft logo design

Microsoft have a new brand design.

It features four identical squares spaced evenly apart in the traditional Microsoft Windows colours and the the word microsoft in bold letters. The letters may be bold but the impact of them is downplayed slightly.

They are coloured in grey and this is presented in a nice interplay between the bold colours of the Windows logo symbol and the lettering of the word ‘Microsoft’.  Its interesting to note that the logo symbol comes directly from the well known Microsoft Windows brand.

microsoft windows symbol

The Microsoft Windows symbol

Microsoft Logo Design

Microsoft’s previous logo design

This approach is certainly a departure from the previous logo which only used bold letters and no symbol. Microsoft have rather cleverly taken a logo from their most popular product and seamlessly integrated it into it’s own identity.

In many respects it works well. They are acknowledging what they are good at and therefore building upon the existing brand.


The apple approach?

Taking the windows symbol and integrating it into the Microsoft brand has certainly been a bold approach.  Changing and developing any well known familiar brand such as Microsoft’s will always be seen as risky. 

Its true that like its rival Apple, Microsoft have created a simplistic logo design. 

The new design looks clean, bold and works well. 

It’s already familiar to many people and this will either be because of an awareness of the popular windows symbol or the close familiarity the simplistic branding of apple will draw from any user today.

It certainly helps refresh the Microsoft brand and will probably help it refocus and devleop its business aims and ventures over the coming years. 

I can’t help but wonder what Microsoft would have come up with if they had been a little more innovative and thought outside the box. 

However,  the integrated use of the windows symbology works well and the retained use of colour in the four symetrically placed boxes within the logo design adds a much needed splash of colour and helps differenciate this brand from the greys and whites constantly supplied to us from apple.  Long may this use of colour continue otherwise we run the risk of living in a world of colourless simplistic visuals. 

microsoft and apple store design

The Microsoft and Apple branded stores look similar.

In many ways Microsoft have followed the design approaches of Apple but they have still injected some of their own personality to help make this new logo design unique.



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Logo Designs for The Travel Network

We recently created some very nice logo designs for the travel network.

They asked us to create three logo designs for some of their up and coming websites focusing on travel, hostels and bed and breakfasts. Each logo has its own unique characteristics thereby helping to distinguish a brand for each website and offering.

Bed and breakfasts logo design was created to highlight the standard available for accomodation booking on this website. The logo is refined and classic in style. Visually it works well with its surroundings.

The two hostel logos promote websites that offer a booking system for backpackers and people looking for hostel accomodation. Emphasis was placed on simplicity to get the message across. One logo makes use of a very attractive lime green to attract attention and the stylized design works well in combination with this colour.

Bed and Braekfasts logo design

Travel Logo Design

Hostel Hunter Logo Design

Cheap Hostels Logo Design

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Logo Design for Ballyrobert Cottage Garden and Nursery

Ballyrobert Cottage Garden and Nursery asked Chew Design to create their logo recently.

The gardens feature a stunning selection of plants and flowers in a fantastic location. The logo design seeks to enhance this offering, providing a professional identity to the gardens.

The font used is classic in style and adds an air of class to the logo design.

The logo has been added to the website and helps customers identify the brand visually.

Ballyrobert Cottage Garden Logo Design

Ballyrobert Cottage Garden Logo Design

Ballyrobert Cottage Garden Logo Design

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Logo Design for Carralero Insurance

Chew Design recently designed the logo for Carralero Insurance in Texas.

The design is bright and colourful with use of green red and black.

The company provide a range of insurance services.

The vibrant design adds a professional and easily recognisable identity to all promotional literature for the company.

It also works well on the website design.

The idea was to design a logo that would be instantly recognisable to customers using the service and attractive to new potential customers.

The logo design combines a simplicity with a styled font to successfully get its message across.

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+Logos that are just Twitterific!


The Twitter bird logo is one fine example of how logo design can change over time.  Sure, there’s the standard icon set available.  Download the vectors, grab the Png file and resize the image for your blog or website.  But it seems that Twitter’s faithful just aren’t content with this. Many have decided to produce Twitter icons and logos themselves.

One Logo, Many Variations
I have never seen so many different variations of one logo!  They are all different and unique to the user that created them.  Search google for a twitter bird icon for example and you are bound to come across a large number of different looking tweeting birds which are free to use anywhere you like.

It seems the general public have fallen in love with twitter and as a consequence they have a deep love for the symbol of this relatively new website.  Twitter is now well known for changing the face of social networking.  Information is more personal.  It is fast, intuitive and sometimes even silly.  Could Twitter also be responsible for a change in attitude towards logo design?

Is the attitude towards Logo Design changing?
We all know and respect the logo design formula.  You visit a well respected website which has been carefully branded to the hilt.  You accept that brand and learn pretty quickly to recognize it next time you see it.  I guess that’s why it is there in the first place.  But what happens when, next time you visit that site the branding has been changed or you decide to change it yourself?

That’s exactly what has happened over at Twitter.com.  Visit numerous blogs which conjure up Twitter updates from different people.  You will very rarely come across a similar logo or icon branding this piece of hearty news.  The rules of the Internet are being rewritten yet again and it seems that Logo design isn’t immune to such changes.

I do wonder if this craze will catch on.  Imagine people willingly redesigning such famous branded websites such as BBC News, the Guardian or even Facebook.  Would it matter?  What’s the value in having a consistent brand?  Recognition for one.  Check out these weird and wonderful  twitter Logo creations!




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