+ Logo Design Trends for 2009


Every year new trends emerge in logo design. Old trends from years before surface also and the odd time its always evident that logo design follows other design areas such as illustration and graphic design quite closely. This year, logo design is going all decorative with pattern being the main choice for most designers. Illustration has become very decorative over the last few years and this is definitely beginning to influence Logo Design. Here are five trends to watch out for.

1. Pattern Logos

Patterns are eye catching and hold your attention. Expect to see more of these types of logos in the future. The Museum of London have a new logo featuring patterns overlapping and full of vivid colour. There is a seventies retro feel here and it definitely makes the viewer take notice.

2. 80’s Geometry

Look at the new Olympics logo for London and you will see a prime example of this. Its brash, its pink and some might say its all over the place! Most importantly though, its different and this is perhaps what counts. It has a distinct eighties electric feel to it and its definitely become controversial. When it was released many were in outcry demanding its demise but I reckon we should give this little gem time to mature and grow on us. Will we look back at this decade in years to come and point to it as a classic design? Anything is possible!

3. Shapes

Shapes are big at the moment and very simple to create. So much so that when Belfast City Council released their new Tourist logo a few months ago many laughed at the price tag. Coming in at around 430,000 pounds, the logo features a very expensive heart shape which could also look like a big letter “B”. Its simple and looks like it could have been created in 5 minutes but it certainly gets the message across and draws your attention.

4. Street Art

Street art is big at the moment. Its matured from its days of ridicule and trainline graffiti to sophisticated illustrations next to the windows of classy boutiques and of course the famous Banksy and his wonderful thought provoking works on random streets. Perhaps its time to put a little street art into logo design. It still has a wonderful raw feel about it and definitely catches your eye. The logo for Nuero Punks is a great example. Raw in form but brilliantly thought out, it draws your eye and has you wanting to know more immediately.

5. Typographic

Perhaps the most classic style of logo has always been typographic and its come back in a big way over the last few months. Its simple and in that simplicity is a wonderful effective remedy for logo design. Do we need pictures and shapes to convey our message? How about just using an effective font over the words to get the message across. Upside Down productions is a great example of this. It’s a logo consisting of the words “Upside Down” literally upside down! Its easy, its light and playful and I like it a lot!

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+New Design for Planet Belfast Website


Chew Design recently busied themselves designing for new website www.planetbelfast.com.  The website aims to comprehensively become a resourse for the budding tourist in Belfast.  Anyone can quickly access its user friendly pages packed full of uselful information about visiting Belfast.

The client wanted a new definate branding for the site but a design which also let the content speak volumes.  Chew Design set about the task using a white page as a basis and utilizing the header of the website to give Planet Belfast that distinctive brand.  The result is a website which oozes appeal and is slightly cute.  Paul from Chew explains,  “The client wanted to target the tourist coming to Belfast so we designed a header which would tie the entire website together and also tell the tourist that they had reached their goal, ultimately to find one of the best travel guides for Belfast on the web.  We have included many well known Belfast landmarks on the header and this adds a quirky sort of illustrative feel, something which has gained a lot of positive feedback from the many visitors and tourists using the website.”

Many visitors to Belfast compliment the website saying how easy and handy it is to have all resources neatly compiled in Planet Belfast.  They can reference the site on holiday or even subscribe and keep up to date via RSS feeds.  All information ahs been listed on one single area to the right of the website.  Lightly coloured, this allows the visitor to cast their eye easily over all information and choose the link most relevant to them.  Light colours and a subtle attitude are a definate positive feature of the website.

Planet Belfast.com is now online and goes from strength to strength.  It continues to ease the plans of any trip to Belfast and has become a worthwhile resource for anyone planning to visit Belfast now or in the near future.

Link www.planetbelfast.com

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Belfast has a new Logo!


Belfast city has a new logo, part of a 12-month re-branding overseen by Belfast City Council.

According to the Irish Times the new Belfast now comes in six colours. Blue, grey, maroon, fuchsia, lime and aqua. It also has its own “bespoke” typeface (called Moment) and a range of adaptable taglines.
The heart-shaped design also doubles as the letter B, allowing a series of promotional slogans such as “B here now”, “B vibrant” and “B dynamic+”. According to the London-based branding agency that designed the new logo, Belfast’s new corporate identity is “simple and flexible (and) succeeds in reflecting the edgier side of Belfast”.

The Sunday Business Post indicates that the logo was designed by Lloyd Northover [who were] appointed to the consultancy position in June [2007]. It spent 12 months researching the perception of Belfast in current social, economic, physical, political and cultural terms, and how the city wanted to be perceived with regard to those areas in the future. Primary research and consultation was undertaken with representatives from the arts, business, development, culture, tourism, media, education and sport communities.

It took 15 months of research and cost a whopping £430,000 — but Belfast’s new heart-shaped logo was created in just a few weeks after the former Lord Mayor rejected the original version.

The Belfast Telegraph revealed that council bosses had planned to launch a different logo from the heart-shaped ‘B’. But they were left red-faced during a dinner at the Hilton Hotel in March when the then Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers refused to endorse it.

Just one month after the former Lord Mayor’s refusal to approve the original logo, brand consultancy Lloyd Northover presented the heart-shaped ‘B’ logo. The former Lord Mayor gave that design the green light at a breakfast meeting at Roscoff’s in April and the new logo was officially launched at the Waterfront Hall in June.

The new logo is very similar to others already in use in England. Food and Drink Devon paid just £7,000 for its logo four years ago, while both Blackburn and Barrow launched similar logos in spring. Belfast spent £180,000 on the creation of its logo and £250,000 on advertising, launch events and showcase promotions.

The logo can now be seen on the city’s main tourist website as well as various hotspots out and about.

LINK www.gotobelfast.com

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+Diverse Logo for Belfast Poets


Chew design recently designed a new logo for a Belfast group of poets.  The group which prides itself in its unique message, “Love Poetry, Hate Racism”.  The logo had to be simple and yet give the group an identity which would be easily recognised right away.  Chew Design went for a simple focus on words approach.  the logo speaks like a verse of a poem.  Black and white allows the design to stand out, making a stand on issues that affect us all today.

The group in Belfast have been so successful they now have contacts in many cities over the world, again highlighting the serious nature of their message.  Gordon Hewitt from the Belfast Poets and Love Poetry Hate Racism, whilst describing what the group aim for said:

“A few months ago we decided that we wanted to play a part in combating racism and racist attacks, something which Belfast had seen a fair bit of in recent years. We put a call to make the event international and the response has been fantastic. Now from our initial call nearly 40 cities are involved and we look like getting many more.”

“The reasoning behind the calling of this event was that Belfast in particular and Northern Ireland in general has been described as “the race hate capital of Europe,” and it was true that many racist attacks and racist acts have taken place here. But what was also true is that there has been a widespread campaign against racism and that has taken root in many communities.”

“Our view is that as poets we should be part of the offensive against the racists given that poetry is practised world-wide and that at its heart is the self expression of people wherever they come from. We also recognise that poetry crosses all manner of boundaries, from language to cultural differences to find common cause.”

“When we were touring Australia we performed alongside poets from many different countries and cultural backgrounds and learnt from all of them. We have been affected in the way we approach our writing through that experience.”

“Belfast has been known for many things but now we can say that we are putting the fight against racism on the map and encouraging this to be an international struggle.”

LINK http://www.myspace.com/lovepoetryhateracism

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