Chew’s 5 steps to Graphic Design Success


1. Establish

Upon detailed feedback and briefing we send you a questionnaire with questions relating to your brief.  The answers help us formulate a plan, target our research and manage the time spent on the project efficiently.  We can extablish the nature of the project on the phone, face to face or even via email.

2.Research and Ideas

After gathering all relevent feedback we move to the next stage of the project.  Its time to research and forulate ideas for you.  We don’t stop until you are satisfied at this stage.  It is very important to come up with a number of worthy and strong ideas for the project.  We keep you informed all the way through and welcome constructive feedback.

3. Refinement

After a lengthy discussion regarding the ideas generated for the brief it is time to refine them.  We encourage you to pick one or two of the best ideas and then we work on them again,  taking your feedback and crafting a design worthy of completion. 

4. Finalizing

We finalize the design only when you are 100% happy with the outcome.  We can deliver final files in all possible electronic formats and sizes.  Delivery options are discussed as well as any last minute changes!  We are always on hand to revise and refine a design.  Your complete satisfaction is our number one aim.

5. Evaluation

You have got your design and your aims are complete.  You also now have a fair idea of what the design process entails not to mention a healthy notion of us and our meticulous design approach.  We like to gather feedback from you.  At this point we also like to offer ourselves for future work and keep up correspondance with you.  Keeping in contact and being only an emal or phone call away is a key aim of our studio.  We are always on hand to help and produce new work for our loyal customers.

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