Belfast has a new Logo!


Belfast city has a new logo, part of a 12-month re-branding overseen by Belfast City Council.

According to the Irish Times the new Belfast now comes in six colours. Blue, grey, maroon, fuchsia, lime and aqua. It also has its own “bespoke” typeface (called Moment) and a range of adaptable taglines.
The heart-shaped design also doubles as the letter B, allowing a series of promotional slogans such as “B here now”, “B vibrant” and “B dynamic+”. According to the London-based branding agency that designed the new logo, Belfast’s new corporate identity is “simple and flexible (and) succeeds in reflecting the edgier side of Belfast”.

The Sunday Business Post indicates that the logo was designed by Lloyd Northover [who were] appointed to the consultancy position in June [2007]. It spent 12 months researching the perception of Belfast in current social, economic, physical, political and cultural terms, and how the city wanted to be perceived with regard to those areas in the future. Primary research and consultation was undertaken with representatives from the arts, business, development, culture, tourism, media, education and sport communities.

It took 15 months of research and cost a whopping £430,000 — but Belfast’s new heart-shaped logo was created in just a few weeks after the former Lord Mayor rejected the original version.

The Belfast Telegraph revealed that council bosses had planned to launch a different logo from the heart-shaped ‘B’. But they were left red-faced during a dinner at the Hilton Hotel in March when the then Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers refused to endorse it.

Just one month after the former Lord Mayor’s refusal to approve the original logo, brand consultancy Lloyd Northover presented the heart-shaped ‘B’ logo. The former Lord Mayor gave that design the green light at a breakfast meeting at Roscoff’s in April and the new logo was officially launched at the Waterfront Hall in June.

The new logo is very similar to others already in use in England. Food and Drink Devon paid just £7,000 for its logo four years ago, while both Blackburn and Barrow launched similar logos in spring. Belfast spent £180,000 on the creation of its logo and £250,000 on advertising, launch events and showcase promotions.

The logo can now be seen on the city’s main tourist website as well as various hotspots out and about.


March 03 2009 12:58 am | Xtra

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