+ Logo Design Trends for 2009


Every year new trends emerge in logo design. Old trends from years before surface also and the odd time its always evident that logo design follows other design areas such as illustration and graphic design quite closely. This year, logo design is going all decorative with pattern being the main choice for most designers. Illustration has become very decorative over the last few years and this is definitely beginning to influence Logo Design. Here are five trends to watch out for.

1. Pattern Logos

Patterns are eye catching and hold your attention. Expect to see more of these types of logos in the future. The Museum of London have a new logo featuring patterns overlapping and full of vivid colour. There is a seventies retro feel here and it definitely makes the viewer take notice.

2. 80’s Geometry

Look at the new Olympics logo for London and you will see a prime example of this. Its brash, its pink and some might say its all over the place! Most importantly though, its different and this is perhaps what counts. It has a distinct eighties electric feel to it and its definitely become controversial. When it was released many were in outcry demanding its demise but I reckon we should give this little gem time to mature and grow on us. Will we look back at this decade in years to come and point to it as a classic design? Anything is possible!

3. Shapes

Shapes are big at the moment and very simple to create. So much so that when Belfast City Council released their new Tourist logo a few months ago many laughed at the price tag. Coming in at around 430,000 pounds, the logo features a very expensive heart shape which could also look like a big letter “B”. Its simple and looks like it could have been created in 5 minutes but it certainly gets the message across and draws your attention.

4. Street Art

Street art is big at the moment. Its matured from its days of ridicule and trainline graffiti to sophisticated illustrations next to the windows of classy boutiques and of course the famous Banksy and his wonderful thought provoking works on random streets. Perhaps its time to put a little street art into logo design. It still has a wonderful raw feel about it and definitely catches your eye. The logo for Nuero Punks is a great example. Raw in form but brilliantly thought out, it draws your eye and has you wanting to know more immediately.

5. Typographic

Perhaps the most classic style of logo has always been typographic and its come back in a big way over the last few months. Its simple and in that simplicity is a wonderful effective remedy for logo design. Do we need pictures and shapes to convey our message? How about just using an effective font over the words to get the message across. Upside Down productions is a great example of this. It’s a logo consisting of the words “Upside Down” literally upside down! Its easy, its light and playful and I like it a lot!

March 19 2009 06:19 pm | Xtra

3 Responses to “+ Logo Design Trends for 2009”

  1. Barkri on 20 Mar 2009 at 10:17 am #

    Despite what the vast majority of people think, having a logo is much more than an attempt to build a brand. A well designed logo tells your customers that you care, it shows that you care about your website, about the people visiting your website and ultimately about the service you are providing.

    The internet can be a dangerous place to make business, you might purchase a product and not receive what you paid for, you might try a new service and face problems with the person you hired, some people will simply run away with your money, this is a fact, it happens. You never know who’s the person taking care of the website you are visiting, is it a reliable person? Will you get what you are expecting? There are just too many questions floating around, and these are the exact same questions that will be floating around your clients minds when they visit your website. The bottom line is, interacting with sellers and service providers is all about trust.

    Before anything else your prospects must trust you, you need to build trust before even trying to sell anything to people. Since the internet is a place where the law is broken constantly, being a trustful source is the best possible scenario.

  2. SvB on 20 Apr 2009 at 10:38 pm #

    When you have a very limited time counting in seconds to judge whether you want to read further, checking out credibility and maybe do business with; First thing you look is the logo. Well … that explains the importance of logo.

  3. admin on 22 Apr 2009 at 12:18 am #

    I couldn’t agree more with you SvB. A logo is of the utmost importance and its often the first thing a person will see when visiting a website or company onsite.

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