Even more logo design trends for 2011

Trends in logo design emerge all the time. Here is another look at further trends emerging throughout the year 2011. Can you afford to ignore them?

1) Logo Simplification

This is happening all over. Its a very popular idea and it appeals to businesses because it looks fresh and is easy to update in future. A prime example is none other than Starbucks, having dropped the name ‘Starbucks’ from their logo design coming into 2011. A bold move but certainly one which will keep this company’s design fresh and engaging to the consumer.


2) Colour-Coordinated Words

This is another simple design trend but one that is quite popular at the moment. Logo design that colour co-ordinates words remains simple and hence allows the relevant business to get their message across easily and effectively.

3) Speech Bubble logos

A more quirky trend emerging in logo design for 2011 is the use of speech bubbles. These can appear in any size but tend to be a little more pronounced to catch the attention of the general public.


4) Quadrangles

Quirky and fun. Generally an alternative take on the space surrounding a logo, whether it be the text or relevant image. Its eye catching and fun.


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