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The wordpress login page design is changing and it is website owners and designers that are helping to drive this change.

With the increased use of wordpress across the internet comes an awareness that it can be customized in many wonderful ways. 

The original wordpress login page  works well but considering it comes packaged with every wordpress website means that this page has become perhaps too standardised and unoriginal.

Many websites running on wordpress are impressive examples of great wesbite design and simply look stunning.  It is therefore no surprise that the owners of such websites have transferred this genius creativity toward the login page. 

The result is an increasing number of login pages that look anything but standardised or unoriginal.

Many plugins have emerged that help you change the look and feel of the login page.  Graphic and website designers have begun offering services that help tailor the login page to your design needs.

A redesign of the wordpress login page helps to visually link the administration area of a website to its overall design and hence this is becoming quite a popular activity amongst website and blog owners worldwide. 

As time progresses the results are becoming more and more impressive. 

Here’s a number of examples found throughout the internet showcasing some excellent examples of what can be done with the design of the wordpress login page. 


Custom Login Page Design example shows just whats possible.


Dsgnwrks Login Page Design features a scratch surface as the background.


Designs Tutorial Login Page Design.  This introduces a real fun and festive approach to the page.


Next is You Login Page.  Bright yellow enables chunky text to create a huge impact on the page.


Kidstoy Login page features a wonderful illustration.


Vennerconcept includes a wooden floor as a background to their page.  The results are stunning.


Colour dominates the oneeydgolfish login page, a complete opposite take on the normally bland and simple design presented as standard by wordpress.


BinaryMoon uses a cool blue on slight gradient to produce this calming effect.


A sunny day and flowers help create a background on this login page that would brighten up anyone’s day.

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