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10 steps to a Successful Logo Design


“Its always wise to check out your competition. That way you know your logo design will not only fit your business niche but also potentially visually allow you to rise above your competition.”



1. Research your brand’s niche

Its always wise to check out your competition! That way you know your logo design will not only fit your business niche but also potentially visually allow you to rise above your competition.

Check out their use of colour. Is there any colour they avoid?

What fonts do they use?
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5 Design Steps you can take for a Successful Year in Business


“Keeping up to date with graphic trends will not only allow your business to look fresh and modern. It will also attract many more customers.”

1) Do you have the look?

Does your business look up to date? Or do the graphics you currently use date from 1985 and ooze with browns and biege?

Keeping up to date with graphic trends will not only allow your business to look fresh and modern. It will also attract many more customers.

A key thing to look at would be your logo design. Does it need refreshing?
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Belfast Logo Design

A Selection Of Great Logo Designs in Belfast

“Belfast’s moment is here and now and must be grasped.”
Lord Mayor, Belfast City Council.

Belfast is a vibrant city with a modern outlook and what better way to demonstrate this than appreciating its very own forward thinking logo design.
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Challas Spit and Hog Roast

challas-spit-and-hog-roast-2.jpg challas-spit-and-hog-roast-1.jpg

Chew Design recently completed work on graphics for Challas Spit and Hog Roast.  It’s a Hog Roast Catering Company providing event and outdoor catering in Dublin and Belfast.

They required design work from the ground up, everything from logo and company graphics right up to fully functional website.

South African Connection
Challas were clear right from the start that any design solution should strongly suggest a deep connection to South Africa.

The director of Challas himself, Charl Marais is South African and he has set his catering company up on the assumption that people in this wee country of ours might just appreciate a little bit of South African styled cuisine.

The logo was a good place to start.  It features golds and deep greens as well as imagery of animals native to the region.

Its a strong identity infused with notions of a traditional view of Africa and a hint of modernity in the font choice.

Such a strong concept was easily brought forward to further design requirements for this company.

Stationary, leaflets, banners for the market stall and menu boards all benifited from a grounded strong identity agreed and developed at the start of the project.

Strong Brand
The website carries the Challas Spit and Hog roast brand with an air of playfulness.

This is a catering company which aims to target events such as event catering, private parties, weddings, corporate and sports and outdoor events throughout Dublin and Belfast.

The website had to look fun and user friendly yet ultimately professional at the same time.  Layout was the key.  We kept things simple.  The end result is a website which is effective and definately user friendly.

Visit – Hog Roast Dublin – Hog Roast Belfast for a peek at the end result.

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+Eurovision Logo for 2009. The Best Yet?

This Year’s Eurovision logo uses the usual generic design as the official identity complete with Russian flag.  The interesting design this year comes from the sub logo, a “fantasy bird” which takes full advantage of color.  It comes from Red Square Productions, a company the host Television Channel One recruited to take care of the contest’s graphics.

Raising the bar?

It is definitely the most interesting sub logo yet and comes after last years interesting design from Serbia which some might say raised the bar a little.  Like Serbia’s Confluence of sound logo the Russian design takes its origins from its host Country.  The Serbian logo was based upon the Confluence of two rivers meeting in Belgrade, a convenient confluence of sound.  The new Russian “fantasy bird” logo could be a reference to Russian folklore and the stories of prophetic bird people such as Gamayun, Alkonost and Sirin.

Versatility is Key
The logo has been widely distributed already and is fast becoming a hit amongst fans.  It can be applied on various colors and surfaces both in parts or in complete form.  It will of course be seen during the Eurovision Song Contest this year as well as on the official website and various other associated media.  One definitely to watch out for!


Generic Eurovision Song Contest Logo for 2009


Eurovision Song Contest Sub Logo for Russia 2009.


Prophetic Bird Gamaun from Russian folklore.


Eurovision Song Contest Sub Logo for 2008, Serbia.

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