Belfast Logo Design

A Selection Of Great Logo Designs in Belfast

“Belfast’s moment is here and now and must be grasped.”
Lord Mayor, Belfast City Council.

Belfast is a vibrant city with a modern outlook and what better way to demonstrate this than appreciating its very own forward thinking logo design.

Many look at the symbol and see a giant letter ‘B’. Others refer to it as a big heart shape. Whatever the reaction, this logo design turns heads.

The logo comes with a bespoke typeface.
Design by Lloyd Northover.

The Belfast Titanic Quarter Logo is a smart and playful design making use of a key recognisable feature of the famous Titanic liner.

The straight and curved lines add a distinctive sense of sophistication and renewal.

The logo represents one of the largest waterfront developments in Europe.
Design by McCadden.

The Belfast Zoo Logo is an interesting and smart design which makes clever use of colour and shape to attract and interest.

Special note must be made of the playful shapes within the ‘ZOO’ lettering, perhaps a nod to some of Belfast Zoo’s famous residents.
Design by AV Browne.

The Brassneck Theatre Company logo makes use of bold and broad lettering.

The word ‘Brassneck’ is elevated and stands over the design, reflecting the very nature of this theatre group.

Bold performance and having a ‘brassneck’ are their proud characteristics within the theatre industry.
Design by Chew. (Yes we designed this!)

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