5 Logo Design Trends for 2011

A Look at emerging trends in Logo Design for 2011

Cantão/ Oestudio

1) Signature Logos

Top Designers and fashion brands tend to base their logo design around a signature.
Its stylish, looks authentic and has become a popular trend. Look out for more of these in 2011.

Consumers like these handmade logo designs, especially the more brand conscious ones.


2) 3D Logos
3D Logos have emerged alongside such trends as 3d animation and 3d movies of late.

Definitely a logo trend to watch.

Most of these logos have depth and therefore suit the entertainment sector.

Stockholm Design Lab + TEArk

3) Minimalism Logos
Simple and easy to read, this type of logo takes inspiration from the art minimalism movement of the 1960′s.

Minimalist logos call for a minimal use of elements such as graphics, illustrations and fonts within the design.

You have heard the phrase ‘Less is more’.

Now check out the accompanying logo design which proves it.

Chew (We designed this!)

4) Formal typeface Logos

A lot of new logo designs are employing a formal or classic font as opposed to stylish and cool fonts, recently considered cool and kitcsh.

Watch out for this trend in 2011.

Logo designs will look elegant and classic. Many Corporate organisations employ such techniques in their logo designs.

Cafe FX/ Segura Inc

5) Hybrid design Logos

A hybrid design is a combination of two or more trends and styles.

The above formal typeface logo could be combined with a 3 D symbol for example.

The possibilities are endless. Perhaps this will be one of the more interesting trends to watch out for in 2011.

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