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5 Logo Design Trends for 2011

A Look at emerging trends in Logo Design for 2011

Cantão/ Oestudio

1) Signature Logos

Top Designers and fashion brands tend to base their logo design around a signature.
Its stylish, looks authentic and has become a popular trend. Look out for more of these in 2011.

Consumers like these handmade logo designs, especially the more brand conscious ones.

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4 Rebranded Identities

A look at the rebranding of 4 well known organisations

GAP Rebrand 2010

This rebrand only lasted for a few days!

Many demanded a return to the older logo design on social networks such as facebook and twitter.

Gap responded hastily and reverted back to the old design.
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Consumers React Negatively to New Gap Logo Design



In 2010 clothes retailer Gap scrapped a new logo design it had rolled out after just one week.


The original logo, having been used for 20 years or so was a very well known example of a successful brand on the high street.

It was simple yet elegant and not overstated, a blue box with the word ‘GAP’ written in white inside.

The newly rolled out logo kept the blue box but it was now significantly smaller. It sat behind the word ‘GAP’ now written in black lettering.
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2016 Olympic Games Logo Design



“Pulsating with joy, union, celebration and friendship”
Tátil Design Agency descibing their logo design for the 2016 Olympic Games

The logo design has been revealed for the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro 2016.

The design was selected from numerous submitted ideas across Brazil.

Rio design firm Tátil were successful and won this selection process.

The logo design takes the form of three people in loose shape holding hands.

Are they dancing or playing? Or maybe they are just holding hands?
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Starbucks drops name from Logo Design


Without words

Starbucks have dropped the words ‘Starbuck’s Coffee’ from their logo design citing future business plans as the reason.

For the future, they see themselves as not just a Coffee seller and could soon be offering things like ice cream and alcohol in their american stores.

Its a bold move which assumes that the general public already identify the logo design with the Starbucks brand and therefore don’t need any written text to remind them.
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