10 steps to a Successful Logo Design


“Its always wise to check out your competition. That way you know your logo design will not only fit your business niche but also potentially visually allow you to rise above your competition.”



1. Research your brand’s niche

Its always wise to check out your competition! That way you know your logo design will not only fit your business niche but also potentially visually allow you to rise above your competition.

Check out their use of colour. Is there any colour they avoid?

What fonts do they use?

Whats your own personal reaction to the various logo designs you come across?

This should give you a good gut feeling for what you would like presented and drawn into your own logo design and what you would not like.

2. Create a design brief.

This is very important step.

Otherwise both you and the designer working on your logo can get lost in the process very quickly.

Think up of a number of key points you wish to raise with your designer before they begin the design process.

Focus on what exactly you intend to use your logo for. Is it going to be prominent on a website or printed on a tshirt for example?

Setting out a clear plan will help the logo design process immensely.

3. Be strict during the design process.

Focus on your original aims for the design always.

Its very easy to get distracted at some point or to decide that another idea might help.

Stcik with your original plan and you will end up with a sharp, slick logo design that will suit you and your business.

4. Don’t be tempted by graphic effects.

Using transparencies and gradients or even photos may at some point seemingly enhance the logo design but its best in the long run to stay away from such things.

They reproduce badly in print and will ultimately make you look unprofessional.

Its best to go for simple, easy to reproduce designs that look and feel great. It must be easily read.

Professional logo designers use vectors to create the final design.

Vectors allow the design to be scaled to any size without loss of quality to the image. We produce all our logos in this way.

5.Select an Original Design

Try to avoid recycling old ideas and designs.

An original logo design will propel your business to new heights and define you.

6. Get Opinions

When selecting your chosen logo design and deciding on your final logo dont be afraid to ask others for their opinions.

Its best to ask fellow colleagues or people who are also in the type of business you are in.

These are the people that you should pay attention to.

7.Your logo, Your business

Remember, if designing a logo for a business the design must reflect your business.

It should not relflect you or your personal emotions and desires.

8. Good Logo Design costs money.

You know the saying. You get what you pay for and this is very true.

Good logo design comes from professional logo designers creating oringinal drawings with years of tried and tested experience.

There are many cheap logo offerings out there and whilst it may be tempting to go down this route it really isnt worth it in the long run.

Design outcomes are usually unoriginal and terrible.

That often leads to further expenditure down the line because the logo needs designed again.

Remember, do it once, do it right.

9. Try it out.

Test out your chosen design on your website or printed matter.

This allows you to see if it works. Good designers will include this service in their logo design process.

They may draw up your logo and place it on a photo of your shopfront for example.

This sort of thing is priceless for many and helps you determine realistically whether or not the design will work for you and your business.

10. Be confident

Be confident in choosing your logo design. Don’t look back.

Enjoy your design!

January 05 2011 09:01 pm | Xtra

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